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What is Search Engine OptimizationSEO?

Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity of traffic to your website through search engine ranking results. We optimise your website code and a lot of other factors so your website rank Higher on the Search engines.

Why does Search Engine OptimisationSEO matter?

You can spend all your money on a beautiful website with all the best information for your customers. What does it matter if your customers can’ t find your website when they search on Google.

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We know how to bring your website to the top of the By search engines we mean Google, Bing and Yahoosearch engines.
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How we do SEO

There are many factors why one website is listed on the first page of the search engines and most websites are ranked lower. We have worked with optimisation of websites for years and have seen what works and what doesn’ t. It's all about finding the right strategy for your website. The way search engines rank websites changes all the time, but some things never change:

Quality Content - Website performance - The right Backlink - User Experience - Quality coding

SEO-Durban References

SEO-Durban is your local SEO-Company we have Search Engine Optimised for and  Home and secure CCTV - is one of our customers, They are currently on page #1 on with more than 20 of their top search phrases.

SEO-Durban has build and Search Engine Optimised the responsive web page.
We have provided our SEO services for Home and secure since 2016

Search Engine Optimisation Audit

These are some of the factores that we look at when we do a Audit on a web site.
We use more than 100 factores when we make an Web site SEO Audit.

1 - Website speedHow fast does the website load. We use a number of websites and Tools to give us an estimate on what is loading on the website. Most websites are loaded with big images and they are not optimised for the internet.

2 - Website CodeWe look at the website coding to determine if the website code is written with Google Best practice. here are some :
Accurately describe the page's content
Create unique title tags for each page
Use brief, but descriptive titles
Make use of the "description" meta tag
Accurately summarize the page's content
Use unique descriptions for each page.
These are some of the main Best practice, The full article by Google can be seen here "Search Engine Optimisation Starter guide by Google"

3 - Mobile Friendly WebsiteMore than 65 % of all users of the internet Is using a mobile device, Who can afford to lose all these Customers. So we check that the website is Mobile friendly

4 - Website ContentContent is very important for a website to rank. A website with 250 words will 80% of the time lose in the Google ranking to a website that has 1000 Words. Keep in mind that Google can read the content and determine if the content is copied from some where else. Make your own unique content and make the content READBLE

5 - Size MattersWe look at all the files that are been loaded with the website:
CSS files
Html Files
We will look at the loading time of the files and if possible make the files smaller for faster loading times

6 - Render blocking javascriptsThe problem with Render Blocking Javascripts and CSS files is that the user waits for the Visible part of the website also called Above the fold content to load and most websites are waiting for all CSS and JS files to load before the content is visible for the user and that means that the user needs to wait too long for the content and therefore returns to the search engine."Read more about Renderblocking Javascripts here"

7 - Optimise Web serverWe optimise Server delivery, by optimising Leverage browser caching and many other factores that helps the website to load faster

8 - Website Compatibility testWe check that the website works on different web browsers. We read your Website Source Code, but we also test the website on 10 different browsers including Mobile browsers, to determine if the website works on all browsers and platforms.

9 - Broken LinksWe test the Website for broken Links and see if the website that is shown when the site is not there also called 404.html

10 - SitemapsSitemaps are used by the Search Bot to navigate your Website, it is important to have these files on the web server so when Google visits your website they can easely navigate thru the site. There is alwso one Sitemap for the User, it is good practice to have both sitemaps "XML Sitemaps/HTML SitemapHere is a FREE Sitemap creation tool online"

11 - Server response timeIf your website is hosted on a slow server the website will load slower and you will loose business. Test your Hosting server speed here"

12 - Spell checkingAlways make sure that your website is using the correct spellingTest your website spelling.

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SEO Plans

Basic SEO Plan

First we start with analysing your website with our specialized tools to find your websites weak areas and faults. Many good looking websites are not programmed to be search engine friendly but only the graphic in mind.

We optimise your website and keep the design in overall.

In the process of optimising your website we look at the following measures.

  • Content - Is it made with the right keywords.
  • SPEED - Is your images optimised for the website.
  • Coding - Is the coding on your website SEO friendly.
  • Premium SEO Plan

    First we start with analysing your website, then we redesign the website so its Mobile friendly and we host the website on one of our FAST hosting solutions. We look at everything that our "Basic SEO plan" has to offer and we give your site some extras

  • Web server - Optimising Web server is good for SEO
  • Backlinks - We build quality backlinks.
  • Google - We connect your business with Google
  • Analyse competition website
  • SSL Certificate - We make your site secure
  • Website Hosting service

    SEO-Durban hosts websites on our fast servers local in South Africa to give our users maximum speed
  • Local Servers

    Our website hosting servers are located in South Africa

  • SSL Certificate

    SSL Certificate on all our hosting packages

  • E-Mail

    Get your own e-mail, from 5 to 100 e-mail accounts.

  • Hosting Space

    Our fast hosting servers have from 1 Gb to 30 Gb

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